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Metal Cutting Fluid  
  BOELUBE 70105  
  BOELUBE 70105 is a non-toxic synthetic clear microemulsion providing superior lubrication. When diluted with water, BOELUBE 70105 will form a  white emulsion that is effective for machining many types of materials. With BOELUBE 70105, parts and machinery are protected from rust and corrosion, and machine tool operators will appreciate its mild alkalinity. BOELUBE 70105 has low foaming characteristics, and will not leave a tacky residue on machinery or machined parts. Parts are easily cleaned with cold water. BOELUBE 70105 will provide excellent lubrication properties leading to better finish and longer tool life.  



  100% syhtnetic metal cutting fluid. When diluted with water, it will for a clear micro emulsion that is effective for  light to heavy duty machining and grinding operation.  


  1735 is a light colour straight ED cutting fluid. It is made 100% paraffin base oil compunded with sulfurized   hydrocarbon and ash less multi-functional complex long chain aliphatic phosphate ester that provides excellent extreme pressure anti-wear and lubricity performance as well as contributing to rust protection.  
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